Saturday, May 28, 2011

More on the Millet in Every Dish Protocol

My constituent Sam Macaw would prefer sunflower seeds be substituted rather than millet. So that would make it the Sunflower Seeds in Every Dish protocol.  At her advanced age, millet is entirely too tiny for her arthritic feet, so she considers it to be prejudicial to our large age-challenged population to include millet in this bill. Surely all good Americans (and other species from other countries) can agree on sunflower seeds.

Thank you for your insight into what is a very important part of the No Bird Left Unscritched bill.  As you know, I am in favor of whatever you pay me to favor, and this certainly includes sunflower seeds for those species of more advanced age.  I myself am of advanced age as compared to Justin Beiber, and I can certainly understand the difficulty of picking up tiny seeds.

In the interest of fairness to all citizens in this great country I will be proposing an amendment to the No Head Left Unscritched bill that will allow a sunflower seed exemption for those who qualify.  In fact, I already have an appointment with the CEO of Acme Sunflower Seeds, Inc., Ltd., to discuss the feasibility of a long-term study proposing exemptions for special interest parties.

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