Saturday, May 28, 2011


I too am concerned about this, as I had also heard rumors. After all, we all know you share your home with immigrants from Africa and Australia which makes you highly suspect in my book. Why don't you have American species of parrots? My own feathered dependent is (South) American, after all.

And along those lines, do we know if those birds of yours are legal or not? Has anyone seen their papers? I surely wouldn’t put it past that little green and brown critter to have snuck into our fine country illegally.

As I stated previously, I have never employed an alien, legal or not.  All the species in my home are 100% American citizens and proud of it!  They are an integral part of my campaign and I am honored to accept their help.

In the interest of running a positive campaign, I will not point out that my opponents harbor foreign species in their homes, feed only "approved" diets to their birds (no treats), and have not paid taxes since the turn of the century.  There is also a rumor that they are in contact with extraterrestrial aliens, but I will not be party to spreading around rumors.

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Anonymous said...

I have indeed seen their papers, and I'm sorry to say they were not pretty! I could barely read the newsprint for all the poop. One of the worst cover-ups we've seen since the Nixon years.