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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen this is Ralph Serious with a WWN (World Wide News) special edition.  As you know highly important judiciary official David Wayne has declared he would confirm plans for his political future as soon as he could stop laughing from the thought that Donald Trump was seriously considering running for president.  Today, in a small town in the midwest, Mr. Wayne has called a press conference.  Actually he called it yesterday but that's the way things go in politics.  To talk more about what this long awaited for announcement may be we'll talk to our national political correspondent, Connie Blondchick.  Are you there, Connie?

Good afternoon, Ralph.  After weeks of waiting speculation runs high as to the political future of David Wayne, holder of one of the most important judiciary offices in the United States, second only, perhaps, to the old lady that gives you the paperwork to prove you've paid your parking tickets so that you can get your car out of police impound.  As you know, the current administration's offer of a seat on the Supreme Court was interpreted by some as a way to remove Mr. Wayne from consideration in the 2012 presidential race.  We do know that since he declined the nomination frontrunners in both parties have been desperately looking for ways to counteract his intelligence, honesty, charisma, and astonishing good looks in case he decided to run.

True, Connie.  And since you've been following this story for a while, could you tell us what you personally think is probably Mr. Wayne's greatest atttribute?

Undoubtedly his humility.

Wait a minute!  We've just received word that Mr. Wayne, accompanied by his supermodel/actress wife is approaching the podium.  We now take you live . . .

My fellow Americans.  It is obvious that we currently face the greatest challenges that our, and perhaps any, nation has faced in history.  I do not have to enumerate the threats facing our great nation.  We are all aware of the percentage of Americans unemployed, the increasing government defecit, the continuing threat of terrorism, the battle over health care, a stalled economy and a deadlocked Congress and a substantial increase in music oriented reality programs.

I have sat back for the last three years and watched both parties in Congress gripe and snipe and propose and dispose but accomplish nothing.  That is why, today, I come before the American people to announce my acceptance of the invitation extended by Marguerite Floyd to run as her candidate for Vice President of the United States.

This decision was not made lightly.  I realize that my efforts on behalf of my party and this country will cost a great deal of time and effort and therefore the recently obtained DVD set of every episode of Doctor Who ever made in HD DVD may stay in the box for a long, long time.  I had to make a decision as to the Monday night Texas Hold'em games in my brotherin-law's basement.  But after discussing the matter with Ms. Floyd and my supermodel wife I have no choice but to selflessly place myself at the disposal of my fellow citizens.

The invitation to run with Ms. Floyd is a great honor.  Why?

First, Ms. Floyd is universally considered the most qualified candidate in the field by the most powerful and intelligent group in the United States today.  Parrots.  You will not find one parrot who supports Romney or Palin or the incumbent.  That should tell you something.

Second, Ms. Floyd, like myself, has not received any money at all from powerful lobbies, corporations, or intrest groups.  Of course, we haven't been offered any either.  This should prove to the American people that we cannot be bought.

Third, Ms. Floyd, has the most vital asset anyone could have to really bring about change in this country: a natural bullshit detector.

She knows, as do I, that health care could be solved if people in power really cared about it.  But what's to care about it since all member of Congress get free health care for the rest of their lives.

She knows, as do I, that you can't begin to dedicate yourself to protecting this country's freedoms if you designate people who believe different from you as unAmerican or condemned by God.

She knows, as do I, that if the rich continue to get richer while the poor continue to get poored there is no way possible for the economy to recover.

She knows, as do I, that if you're really against entitlements you would show that by refusing any that you are offered.

She knows, as do I, that House may be waaaaaay over the top but you still have to do what he says or the patient will start bleeding out of every body orifice.

And anybody who tells you otherwise is full of it.

So, my fellow Americans, as we stand up to face what might perhaps be this nation's darkest hour I enccourage each and every one of you to do the one thing that just might save our country.


And I invite everyone to the inauguration January of 2013.  GOD BLESS THIS COUNTRY!

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