Saturday, May 28, 2011

Clarification of Charli's Position

Thank you for your timely reply, and thank you for encouraging me to keep in touch. So I have another question. You said:

"No longer will special interests be allowed to influence policy or serve the few over the many."

Sooooo, if you get elected, does that mean that Charli will NOT be making all the decisions behind the scene?

I believe I was as plain about my stance on this as possible, but let me try to respond from a different angle.  Each member of my administration is a valuable addition, chosen for their wisdom, their love of country, their service to the country, and dedication to my principles and beliefs.  I believe in the creativity of our citizens, and it is no different for the creativity of my staff.

I am aware that certain unAmerican entities are trying to make me out to be a less than ideal candidate, but all you have to do is look at my record to see where I stand.

Thank you again for allowing me to clarify this matter for you.

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